Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Dork Confessions"

So my friends and I all really like this movie called Sydney White. But one of our favorite parts of the movie are the "Dork Confessions" at the end. We often have our own Dork Confessions when we get together, and it makes us all laugh.

Basically a Dork Confession is something you have done recently of it may even be a habit, that kind of makes you seem like a dork. Here is my latest example, and I plan of keeping small part of this blog dedicated to my own Dork Confessions. Oh, and it is important that you state your name at the beginning and then at the end you say "and I'm a Dork."

Hi, my name is Megan

And I can answer almost any trivia question about any of the Harry Potter Books.

My dentist rented out a theater  for an early showing of the final installment of the Harry Potter movie series, and he gives out tickets to his patients and new patients. He also gives away a pair of tickets to anyone who can answer his Harry Potter trivia questions.

I can answer every question he puts up through Facebook within seconds. I have won 6 tickets with my awesome skills, 4 of which I won for my sister and mom. My mom calls me obsessed, I just liked the books.

and I am a Dork.

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