Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween

Happy Halloween!

There are parts of this holiday that I love and others so much.....

Costumes - I love looking at all of the creative costumes that people come up with. My mom's favorite costume she made me was a pumpkin costume.
Candy - Who doesn't like candy!?!
Family - Every year my family and extended family get together and we have hawaiin haystacks for dinner and then my dad and uncles take the kids out for trick o' treating.
The things that I don't like are....

Blood, gore, and really creepy things - I am not going to post a picture, because that seems to conflict with my dislike of such things.

Skeletons- I have hated skeletons from the time I was little. I didn't even see the Pirates of the Caribbean  movie till it had been out for a couple of years. I just really don't like them.... AT ALL!
I REALLY don't like Haunted houses, or basically being scared.

Have a great Halloween!

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